My Shrunks inflatable looks deflated after initial use - is it losing air?

If your inflatable product looks a little deflated after some time, don‘t worry – it‘s not leaking air, the material is simply stretching naturally. The material will stretch the most when inflated for the first time. Please note that due to material expansion, you may need to add some air to maintain the desired firmness. After the first use, top it up daily and subsequently as required, to maintain its firmness. 

To get the best out of your Shrunks product, inflate a few hours prior to use, to allow the material to stretch naturally. Top it up to the desired firmness afterwards.

How do I check for leaks?

First of all, remove all sheets, bedding and pillows from your inflatable. Then fill the inflatable with as much air as you can, without running the risk of bursting the mattress. Our air mattresses are not designed for high pressure, so use a pump designed and approved for air mattresses, but NEVER use an air compressor.

Here are several effective methods for locating a leak in an inflatable:

  1. SOAPY WATER: Move it to a place where it can be flipped, turned and rotated freely. Visually inspect the inflatable. With the inflatable filled with air, even a pin hole can become visible. Add a little liquid dish soap to a spray bottle of warm water and begin spraying the inflatable, one section at a time. The leak will reveal itself with soap bubbles. This is by far the easiest and best way to find an air leak. Wiping the inflatable with a wet soapy rag can work as well.
  2. SUBMERGE IN WATER: If possible, put the inflatable into a pool with water (a bathtub will also do the job) to submerge parts of the mattress or the whole mattress until you see bubbles rising from the inflatable.
  3. BARE HANDS: Move the palm of your hand slowly along the surface of the inflatable. Often, you may feel the escaping air “brush” against your skin.
  4. LISTEN CAREFULLY: Move your head along the surface with your ear near the mattress. You may hear escaping air, and the ear is especially sensitive to feeling the “draft” from the leak.
  5. CHECK SEAMS: Pay close attention to all seams. Vinyl air mattresses will usually have seams at the top and bottom edges, and running along the length forming valleys. These are common places for weak points to occur which can develop into leaks.
  6. GARDEN HOSE: Move the inflatable to an outdoor table. If the table has a wooden surface, cover it with a blanket and/or newspapers first. Turn on your garden hose, and begin to “flood” the surface of the inflatable with a small stream of water. Look carefully for bubbles as the water runs along the mattress surface. Move slowly – a tiny leak may only make a bubble every few seconds. Check the air filler nozzle or valve in the same way, and be sure it is tightly secured.

How do I repair a Shrunks inflatable?

Here’s an effective way to repair a leak once the hole has been located. Use a small dab of super glue and gently spread it over the hole. Make sure the glue covers the hole completely, and let it dry for a minimum of four hours. Next, cut an appropriately sized repair patch (these are included with your Shrunks inflatable product) and place it over top of the sealed hole. Do not attempt to inflate the product for at least 24 hours.

For repair instructions using repair patches, please see the video below:

I tried repairing my Shrunks inflatable, but it did not work. What can I do?

If you are still experiencing problems after attempting to repair the leak based on the guidelines listed above, and you would like to return or exchange a product, please fill out our Product Return form here, and a member of The Shrunks family will contact you shortly.

How do I choose the right portable toddler bed for my child?

Buying a portable toddler bed is a big decision for any parent. Not only can it be difficult to find one that is appropriate and will last, it can also be an emotional time as choosing a portable toddler bed is a sign that your child is no longer a baby. Your child must now sleep in other places, as they have outgrown their crib. While it can be difficult to find that perfect portable toddler bed, with a little research you should be able to find what you are looking for.

The Shrunks Toddler Bed is designed for children between 2 to 6 years old. The length of the mattress is 47 inches (120 mm), therefore, if your child is less than 47 inches in height, the Shrunks Toddler Bed would be the perfect size. Once your child out grows the Toddler Size Bed, The Shrunks Family Travel Bed would be the perfect solution. The Family Travel Bed is the same length as a traditional Twin mattress at 69 inches (175mm). You may think it’s best to get the larger size as your child will grow into the bed eventually, but we recommend choosing the proper sized bed for your child based on his/her height. This will ensure the best fit and comfort for your child.

Click here to choose the right bed for your child.

Why is an inflatable air mattress more comfortable than a self-inflating air mattress or mat?

An inflatable air mattress provides more insulation from both cold and hot floor surfaces simply because it keeps the child higher off the ground.
Inflatable air beds also provide added protection from rough terrain because of the height of the air mattress. Camping pads can only provide a minimal amount of cushioning from rocks and the hard ground.

How do the side rails work?

Side rails are important, especially if you plan to use your air mattress frequently. The side rails add extra comfort and peace of mind as they prevent your child from sliding off the mattress. The rails also provide an extra sense of security and coziness for your child.

Do standard crib-sized sheets fit The Shrunks Toddler Bed?

Yes, standard size crib-sized sheets fit The Shrunks Toddler Bed, and standard twin size sheets fit the Shrunks Family Travel Bed. European-sized bed sheets fit, too! Please note that bed sheets are sold separately.

For instructions using the crib-sized sheets, please watch the video below:


What are the inflated and deflated dimensions of each inflatable product?

The inflated and deflated dimensions for every product can be found at the bottom of the products respective detail page. Find the product you are looking for on our product page. Please note, that all sizes are approximate due to the inflatable nature our products.

Is the inflatable bed compact enough to place in luggage?

Yes, when properly deflated, our inflatable beds have been designed to fit easily in most travel suitcases.

What is the weight rating of The Shrunks air mattress?

All air beds are rated for maximum weight. Never exceed the maximum rating of the air mattress or it can burst and cause sever damage. 
The Shrunks air mattresses are rated as follows:

Toddler size – Maximum weight capacity 150 lbs, 68 kg

Family size – Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs, 138 kg

How much does the inflatable bed weigh? How about the pump weight?

The Toddler Travel Bed is only: 6lbs / 3.0 kg
The Jetaire Electric Pump only: 1lb / 0.45 kg
Total weight of Toddler Travel Bed: 7lbs / 3.2 kg

The Family Travel Bed only: 11lbs / 5.0 kg
The Jetaire Electric Pump only: 1lb / 0.45 kg
Total weight of Twin Sized Family Travel Bed 12lbs / 5.45 kg

How do I inflate and deflate the bed properly?

You can inflate and deflate Shrunks Air Beds with manual or electric pumps, but make sure that the pump you use has been approved for use with small inflatables or serious damage might occur. All of the Shrunks Air Beds include the Jetaire Electric Pump, a compact yet powerful pump that is very quick and easy to use. Manual pumps are generally used outdoors where electricity may not be available. All Shrunks Outdoor Air Beds come with the compact and powerful manual Bellows Pump.

Inflating and deflating The Shrunks inflatable products are a breeze. Check out these short how-to videos:

NOTE: Location, temperature, and humidity will affect the airbed’s firmness. Airbeds will need to be occasionally re-inflated (topped off) to maintain desired firmness.

BSensible™ Natural Fiber Pillows and Sheets – FAQ

Within this PDF, there are a few links to download more PDFs. In order that they appear in the PDF document, the documents are as follows:
1. Dermofresh PDF
3. Tencel PDF
4.Testing-Standards PDF

What is PVC?

Toy makers around the world have been using PVC for more than 40 years to make some of the best known and most popular toys and children’s products. Why? Because PVC makes good, safe toys that are durable, easy to clean and are fun for children of all ages. In addition to its safety record, toy makers also use PVC because of its versatility; it can be easily formulated to be flexible or rigid, and virtually any color under the rainbow.

What are phthalates?

To make PVC soft and flexible, it is necessary to use substances known as plasticizers to make the material pliable. The most commonly used plasticizers to make PVC soft and flexible are phthalates (pronounced thal-ates). They are a family of chemical substances that have been in use for more than half a century. Phthalates are used in literally thousands of everyday items, many of which we have come to take for granted as we strive to improve our lifestyles and make everything around us better, safer and more efficient.

Do Shrunks portable inflatable beds have any phthalates?

The Shrunks portable inflatable beds are phthalate-safe. We are the first to offer inflatable beds constructed of PVC containing less than 0.05% phthalates. The Shrunks air beds not only comply with the State of California’s recent legislation restricting the use of PVC containing more than 0.1% phthalates for children’s toys child care products, they exceed it by 500 ppm!

How do I clean and remove urine and other stains on the mattress?

Option 1: Use lukewarm water and a clean cloth. Dab the area with a moist clean cloth, rubbing gently until the stain is removed.
Option 2: Spray with white vinegar: The best way to remove a urine or difficult stain from a mattress is by spraying the area with white vinegar. In a spray bottle, combine two parts of lukewarm water and one part distilled white vinegar. Shake the solution well and spray it over the stain. Then, absorb with a paper towel and spray again. Repeat these steps until the urine stain and smell from your mattress has been removed. If the urine stain is fresh, you can apply a small amount of laundry detergent on the stained area first. Then scrub the area with a wash cloth and water. You can also add some vinegar to help with stain removal.

HINT: Actually, the best remedy to remove urine odor is to place the mattress or bedsheet under direct sunlight, as sunlight can neutralize the smell dramatically. Sunlight is highly effective for eliminating odors. Of course, if this is not possible, then using the white vinegar method would be your next best bet.